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After much research and a strong desire to produce a sustainable t-shirt made and grown in the USA, we are launching a new collection: TRUST = Truth Revolution United States Textiles. These styles can be found here.

Available in 3 shapes, our new TRUST shirts are made in North Carolina, by a company committed to creating truly sustainable, highest quality t-shirts.

Made completely in the United States from a soft, lightweight cotton that has been grown, spun and cut in America. Every tee has a transparent supply chain that traces back to US cotton farmers and mill workers. 

Our new pre-shrunk styles also benefit from an eco-friendly dyeing and print process that uses less chemicals than traditional printing, and leaves no hand feel. Your t-shirt will be super soft, with a print that sinks into the fabric and will never fade or crack.


In 1979 a bilateral trade deal between the United States and China led to US supply chains importing more product from China. The United States currently imports more than 30 percent of its apparel from China. In 1994, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) opened up free trade with Mexico and further hit the U.S. manufacturing industry, leading to the closure of generational factories and putting hundreds of thousands of workers out of work. Thriving local economies were destroyed in favor of globalization, and the remaining U.S. factory jobs suppressed wages. 

Following NAFTA, American cotton farmers were forced to export their crops as demand diminished, and China became the number one producer of cotton in the world. With China enjoying higher government subsidies and lower production costs, American cotton producers face unfair competitive advantages. With uncertain weather conditions, most U.S. cotton farmers just about break even after paying back their loans following an annual harvest. There has to be a change, and it starts with the consumer.  

When our clothing is mass produced offshore, prices are lower but quality & regulations are uncertain. Low paid and indentured workers are key to this business model, while globalization and corporate giants benefit greatly. Buying one of our new TRUST t-shirts will directly support American producers and the entire U.S. textile industry, making a positive impact on local economies and the future of American agriculture. 


We hope you’ll support us in supporting the U.S. textile industry. Follow our new blog, where we will explore the many ways to reinstitute American “made here grown here” product and a skilled, fairly paid workforce.  


  • I look forward to trying your line and truly appreciate what you’re doing! I’ve been through some real traumatic events in my life and have 0 trust in anyone. I’ve been beat Ganga stalked to homeless and losing everything! Just don’t k ow when it’ll end. But I’m thankful I’m still breathing and alive.

    Amber Vickery
  • This is fantastic. Lately I have grown more and more aware of how just about everything piece of clothing I own comes from another country .. and yes, mainly China. It’s gotten hard to find anything that is not. Thanks Nathan for working on making a product that is 100% produced here in American. I will gladly purchase!


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